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Generous Giving Research Library: A Good Place to Study

The Generous Giving Research Library is the Webís largest known Christian stewardship library. Arranged into six sections, it contains hundreds of articles, reports and papers that examine trends and motives in 21st-century giving.

There are two ways to search: (1) Instantly find a topic using the alphabetical pull-down menu below. (2) Browse the outline further down this page, where related topics are grouped together.

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  • The World and Its Money

    The articles and papers in this section document economic trends, wealth accumulation, poverty levels, secular philanthropy, demographic giving levels, and philanthropy among the world religions:


    Economics 101
    †††The New Economy
    †††Wealth Accumulation
    †††Consumerism and Debt
    †††Wealth Transfer
    †††The Wealthy
    †††The New Wealthy
    †††The Poor

    World Religious Philanthropy

    World Religious Giving Trends
    †††Hindu Philanthropy
    †††Islamic Philanthropy
    †††Jewish Philanthropy
    †††Mormon Philanthropy

    Secular Philanthropy

    Secular Giving Trends
    †††African-American Philanthropy
    †††Asian-American Philanthropy
    †††Corporate Philanthropy
    †††Family Philanthropy
    †††Government Welfare
    †††History of Philanthropy
    †††International Philanthropy
    †††Latino/Hispanic Philanthropy
    †††Lifestyle Trends
    †††Minorities in Philanthropy
    †††Next Generation Philanthropists
    †††Philanthropy during Hard Times
    †††Secular Motives for Giving
    †††Taxes and Philanthropy
    †††Venture Philanthropy
    †††Women in Philanthropy
    †††Youth in Philanthropy

    The Church and Its Money

    The articles and papers in this section document the explosive growth of the worldwide church, the unprecedented wealth in the hands of Godís people, and the mixed record of Christian stewardship:

    Global Church Growth

    Leadership Development
    †††Population and Geography
    †††Spiritual Development

    Christian Stewardship

    Christian Giving Trends
    †††Asceticism (Poverty Theology)
    †††Christian Consumerism and Debt
    †††Christian Fund-Raising
    †††Christian Motives for Giving
    †††Christian Poverty Relief
    †††Christian Wealth Accumulation
    †††Environmental Stewardship
    †††Evangelical Giving
    †††Faith and Philanthropy
    †††Financial Abuse in the Church
    †††Indigenous Giving and Dependency
    †††Mainline Protestant Giving
    †††Pastoral Giving
    †††Roman Catholic Giving
    †††Tsunami Response
    †††Word-Faith Movement (Prosperity

    The Biblical Case for Giving

    This section contains stewardship sermons, Scripture commentaries and theological essays that collectively make the case for biblical generosity and sound the call for radical sacrifice in view of the Great Commission:

    The Bible on Money

    †††Common Excuses
    †††Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
    †††Frequently Asked Questions
    †††Sermon Series
    †††Study Notes
    †††Topical Concordance

    Theological Topics

    †††Money and Possessions
    †††Godís Ownership and Manís Stewardship
    †††Prosperity and Poverty
    †††Funding the Great Commission
    †††Revival and Reformation
    †††Eternal Reward


    Childrenís Resources
    †††Reflections & Prayers
    †††Study Guides

    The Cultivation of Giving

    The articles and papers in this section exhort Christian leaders at every level to cultivate generosity in their donors, congregations, clients and children. This section also offers practical guidance in doing so:

    Ministry Leaders

    Exhorting the Fund-Raiser
    †††Discipling the Donor

    Pastors & Teachers

    Preaching Generosity in the Church
    †††Teaching Generosity in the Church
    †††Celebrating Generosity in the Church
    †††Modeling Generosity in the Church
    †††Managing Generosity in the Church

    Professional Advisors

    Exhorting the Professional Advisor
    †††Discipling the Client


    Exhorting the Parent
    †††Teaching the Child

    The Business of Giving

    The articles and papers in this section review various strategies and vehicles for giving effectively, fund raising efficiently and reaping eternally:

    Planning Gifts

    Getting out of Debt
    †††Biblical Money Management
    †††Seeking Professional Advice
    †††Charitable and Estate Planning
    †††Strategic Giving
    †††Faith-Based vs. Secular Charities
    †††Due Diligence

    Giving Gifts

    Business/Corporate Tithing
    †††Donor-Advised Funds
    †††Gift Annuities
    †††Giving Circles
    †††Internet Philanthropy
    †††Miscellaneous Giving Vehicles
    †††Values-Based Investing

    Accepting Gifts

    Accountability and Transparency
    †††Government Subsidies
    †††Lottery and Gambling
    †††Naming Gifts after Donors

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