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Funding Requests

Dear friends, welcome to Generous Giving!

Every year we receive hundreds of requests for money. However, we are not a charitable relief organization like the Salvation Army or the Red Cross. Unfortunately, many people are confused by our name, “Generous Giving.” But we do not give money to anyone, and we never ask people to give us money. That’s because we are simply teachers and encouragers, and our work is to encourage Christians everywhere to give joyfully and generously.

For this reason, Generous Giving does not: (1) give money to any person or organization for any project, (2) solicit money for any ministry or cause, (3) influence anyone to give to a particular organization, (4) allow any solicitation to occur at our conferences, (5) refer anyone to potential donors, (6) accept grant applications, or (7) monitor public charities. Still, we understand how important it is for us to “practice what we preach,” so we encourage all our employees and our leaders to give generously as individuals, especially through their churches.

Are You in Financial Need?

The first thing you should do is not to worry. Trust that God loves you and will provide for your needs, as He faithfully promises in Matthew 6:25-34. There are many places you can turn for help, where God’s provision may be waiting. Here are just a few suggestions:
  1. If you are a fund-raiser for a nonprofit Christian ministry, post your needs on the Generous Giving Marketplace, a Web site that will expose your organization to thousands of prospective givers.

  2. If you are a victim of an unexpected catastrophe or unforeseen emergency, immediately seek out a local church or Salvation Army post where you will be treated with respect and encouragement. You should not feel embarrassed about a situation that many others have faced. God knows your need and is able to provide. In fact, one of the church’s proper functions is to serve people in financial need. Introduce yourself to a minister, learn what resources are available, ask for assistance, and accept help in good conscience. Whatever you receive, remember to share with other needy people yourself. Be sure you find a church that believes and teaches the Bible because not all churches have your eternal well-being in mind.

  3. If you are crushed under a mountain of debt, take heart!

  4. If you are looking for financial advice, contact an advisor at Crown Financial Ministries. This ministry founded by Howard Dayton and Larry Burkett offers biblically based advice on various areas of personal/family finance, including budgeting and debt reduction.

  5. If you are seeking NON-urgent help for college scholarships, medical procedures or other projects, The Foundation Center publishes a directory of over 6,200 foundations and public charity programs to help you in your search.

  6. If you have never known God personally, then we invite you to meet him today. God is generous to all who ask. If you are willing, your life will never be the same.

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